Hi! Welcome to Shadowrun Monthly! It will start in Late 2012!

Shadowrun Monthly is one-session mission once a month at Baldy Hall in University at Buffalo. Both veterans and newcomers are welcome! We are looking for people interested both running the sessions and players to join them!

We are using Shadowrun 4th Edition. Please read the rules below if you want to be a GM or a player!

- Session will start at 1pm until 6pm
- Use or bring one-session mission
- Must be stand-alone missions (not part of a campaign)

- Bring a pre-made character prior to session (See Character Creation below)
- Use one of the character templates provided (TBA)
- Needs to bring at least ten (10) d6
- Karma will be awarded to the characters, not to players

Character Creation:
- You will be playing experienced runners
- Start with 500 BP
- May spend up to 250 BP on Physical and Mental Attributes
- Maximum starting skill rating i:
o Two skills at rating 6
o Three skills at level 5
- Maximum starting Group skill rating is 5
- Maximum equipment invested will be 75 BP (375,000Y)
- Created gear cannot have a rating higher than 8 or an Availability higher than 16

Shadowrun Monthly @ UB

Zach NetherBuster